Low C says he is working on a rap cover album.

Heading 1: Low C has shared some updates about what he is currently working on. And he mentioned that he is preparing a rap cover album.

Since his first covers on Youtube that made hundreds of thousands of views, Low C is preparing another surprise:

“I want to pay a tribute to some of my favorite rap artists who inspired me along the way. Some of them are in the industry since more than 30 years, others are more fresh to the game”.

On insistence to get a glimpse on who will be the rap artists on the album, Low C said: “this cannot be revealed yet, but you will have the chance to hear it


j-hjhkjsoon. Let’s say at least one of the rappers is already a billionaire…”


The rap cover album will most probably be an EP with less than 10 songs on it and Low C management is in contact with the license owners of the rap songs and artists https://www.lowc.art/ management to get them approved. “We play no games”, Low C is whispering proudly. “Will be on all the major platforms and will be all licensed so we play tribute the right way. Give it 2-3 months, as these


discussions are taking time”.


Low C is an emerging artist from Germany, very talented and versatile, who is promising to release very soon his own debut album. Probably soon after the rap cover tribute.

Born in Romania, but with German roots, Low C lived across the Europe in different countries and got influences from Pop and Latin reggaeton culture, as well as from HipHop and Trap music. He is singing in multiple languages, but he is


fancying English and Spanish mostly.

Previously, Low C worked as a ghostwriter for multiple artists across the globe and has been a resident DJ in social clubs for over 15 years from where he gathered the Electronic music influences as well.

Follow-up Low C on his website and on social media for news to come.

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